Just a Little of that Human Touch

Issue No. 6 – September 2019

As healthcare’s players continue to adopt a consumer-centric mindset as a business priority, it’s imperative they seek strategies for improving the patient experience. 

Design thinking, which embraces the understanding that “patient” is one of many hats an individual wears, is transforming the way healthcare organizations improve the patient experience, achieve better clinical outcomes and lower costs.

To really understand how healthcare organizations can replicate the success of tech titans like Amazon and Netflix to improve the customer experience, we need to know what’s propelling healthcare consumerism.

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The Industry on Consumerism in Healthcare

“Begin with the consumer at the heart of everything that you do, understand their personas, just focus on what their needs are and how you’re going to fill them.”

Paul FippsChief Digital Officer, Under Armour

“We start by again focusing on what problem our client's are trying to solve and we work with them to think much more disruptively than they’ve ever thought about it before.”

Rich BernerCEO, MD Live

The Way

The Right way to Lead Design Thinking

As digital transformation moves through every industry, it’s shifting the way services are delivered, especially in healthcare. Read how one medical team is optimizing the patient journey.

'I Refuse To Fall In Love With Technology'

Focusing on strategy, processes and problem-solving will lead to greater transformation in healthcare, rather than focusing on the technology itself.

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