The Elements of Simple

Issue No. 4 – July 2019

By recognizing the power of data and analytics, Netflix simplified the movie rental process and disrupted the industry with its superior recommendation engine.

While healthcare is inherently complex, it doesn’t have to be. We understand the challenges our clients are up against in evolving to a consumer-focused, digital-first approach. 

The driving force behind digital transformation – across every industry – is the consumer. 

To help make digital doable, we developed the “Elements of Simple,” a guide to succeed in a digital-first world with human-led solutions to navigate healthcare’s complexities.

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The Industry on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

“Technology and the enabling capabilities have a great potential of transforming the experience.”

Rajeev RonankiChief Digital Officer, Anthem

“We should really be talking about how can we use AI and machine learning to improve the process and the workflow.”

Ivor HornChief Medical Officer, Accolade

“Machine Learning can help doctors better understand optimal drugs for specific groups of people.”

Sam DebrouwerCo-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, doc.ai

The Way

Leading Through the Complexity of Healthcare Change

Healthcare is ever-evolving and its leadership must leverage the technology and their connections to thrive in such a complex environment.

Data is One Key to Healthcare Quality Improvement - Storytelling is Another

Data is a key strategic asset, but what we do with the data is how we enact positive change.

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