Accelerating the Consumer Experience

Issue No. 3 – June 2019


What consumers are looking for is “a way to interact with healthcare in a way that is not separate,” expressed Meg Callahan of Lyft in a recent panel discussion.

Health and wellness are a continuous journey, not an end state. Consumers are approaching healthcare with an engaged, proactive mindset, searching for simplicity and personalization, making it vital for the healthcare industry to understand their needs and desires. 

In our third edition of EVOLVE with emids, we explore how to leverage design thinking to become a digital-conscious organization, an organization that is able to translate data into meaningful insights that inspire people to take action.

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The Industry on the Pivot to Personalization

“If you are a consumer centric, you have to have an architecture that is person centric.”

Sam SrivastaveCEO, Magellan Healthcare

“Personalization is the key to succeeding in serving consumers.”

Laurent RotivalSVP, Strategic Technology Solutions & CIO, Cambia Health Solutions

“The opportunity to leverage emerging technologies that allow you to work faster, innovate more quickly and less expensively, and integrate both consumer technologies and business technologies together.”

Paul JoinerSVP & General Manager, Health Plan Business, Availity

The Way

CES chief Gary Shapiro: "There's not enough experimentation in healthcare"

President and CEO of the Computer Technology Association uncovers why every company should think like a tech company.

Harnessing Digital Information to Improve Population Health

Gathering information from smartphones, credit cards and social media can identify the needs to transform communities. 

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