Fear and Loathing in Data Liquidity

Issue No. 2 – May 2019


Until now, making healthcare as easy for consumers to access as every other service in our lives seemed impossible. Downright undoable.

But unprecedented technological advances and consumer demand for simplicity are forcing out healthcare’s old ways and mindsets. There’s just this one tiny problem: the data isn’t flowing the way it should.

In our second edition of EVOLVE with emids, the team asked the country’s leading health plans, the CEO from an Alphabet spinout, a PBM Chief Medical Officer, a Telehealth CEO, and the leader of digital transformation for one of America’s most disruptive forces in consumer health: how do we solve healthcare’s data liquidity conundrum?

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The Industry on Data Liquidity

“The ability for data to transverse where patients and members need it. ”

Ivor HornChief Medical Officer, Accolade

“Right data, right time, right place to answer the right question.”

Russ ThomasCEO, Availity

“The data has to have a purpose.”

Anthony Coletta, M.D.EVP & President, Facilitated Health Networks of Independence Blue Cross

The Way

Committed Leaders Required to Solve Healthcare's Many Complex Challenges

“In an environment that presents the industry with a significant opportunity to reimagine how it can deliver safer, more-accessible care, leadership is essential to guide innovation for improved outcomes and collaboration to share best practices.”

mHealth Data to Play Big Role in AI, Analytics

How will data extracted from wearable devices and patient monitoring tools play a critical role in powering artificial intelligence and analytics technology?

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