The Role of BI & Analytics

Issue No. 1 – March 2019


Unprecedented technological advances and consumer demand for simplicity are forcing out healthcare’s old ways and mindsets.

Technology to scale is paving the way for that change, at scale. EVOLVE is our way of helping you navigate your way during this remarkable time. It’s our way of helping make digital doable.

In our first edition, we explore the Role of BI & Analytics in Digital Transformation and whether the healthcare CIO voice will resonate with Alexa.

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The Industry on Embracing Digital Transformation

“It’s really a cultural change that needs to happen to get this to move forward.”

Caroline CarneyCMO, Magellan Rx

“Healthcare is ultimately a technology business that needs empathy and needs a human face to be effective.”

Rajeev RonankiChief Digital Officer, Anthem

“2017 was really the year that the regulatory environment, the payer willingness to support it, because they see the outcomes, the providers willingness to really open their digital front door and focus on that, as an important access point and the consumer demand has all come together.”

Rich BernerCEO, MDLive

The Way

A.I. Shows Promise Assisting Physicians

Each year, millions of Americans walk out of a doctor’s office with a misdiagnosis. Now a group of researchers have tested a potential remedy for all-too-human frailties: artificial intelligence.

Starting digital transformation? Focus on the cultural changes

With the implementation of electronic health records and other healthcare information systems, there has been explosive growth in the amount of data captured by provider organizations.

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