The Challenge

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing healthcare, with a rise in connected devices encompassing technologies from fitness trackers to smart sensors to remote monitoring devices. These devices produce a wealth of data with potential to help providers improve care, reduce costs, engage patients and advance population health. But deriving meaningful insights from these disparate information streams and integrating them with legacy systems—all while keeping data secure—can be challenging and costly.

emids Capabilities

emids helps clients harness the power of IoT data through PONTEM, our on-demand device connectivity platform. Built from the perspective of Population Health 3.0, this connection-as-a-service solution brings data from devices, clinical systems and multiple media channels together to give providers intelligent insights for delivering better care to patient populations. Caregivers choose the devices and parameters they want to track and set up connections through an easy-to-use, configuration app in a pay-as-you-go model. Providers can also use the platform to disseminate insights to clinical teams and patients via interactive communication channels. Its cloud-based architecture makes PONTEM secure, scalable, HIPAA compliant and capable of supporting large data streams emanating from multiple devices.

emids Experience

Our PONTEM platform and app stand out from other device connectivity solutions in the healthcare market because they are flexible enough to connect with any wearable device or clinical decision support system. No other solutions operating in a pay-per-use model or can be provisioned as quickly without costly, time-consuming IT work.

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