Healthcare's Turning Point

78% of healthcare enterprises say their digital initiatives are failing

Healthcare’s First Digital

Transformation Readiness Index

We surveyed 76 healthcare organizations from all aspects of the digital transformation journey to develop the industry’s first digital transformation readiness benchmarks. Organizations that have embedded digital into their DNA are making quantum leaps while those who have kept it closeted as an IT function alone are floundering.

Leading Enterprises Take a Different Approach to Digital

Old Way

Digital Projects

Projects that reduce costs, increase speed or increase quality within the current operating and business models through the application of digital technologies.

New Way

Digital Strategy

Programs that change how business objectives are achieved, typically in the area of customer experience, employee experience, or business model leveraging digital technologies.

Old Way

CIO Led IT Strategy

Historically the IT strategy was set by the CIO with a primary focus on achieving IT excellence or set in coordination with individual business units.

New Way

CEO/Executive Buy-In

Leading enterprises have 30 percent higher CEO involvement in outlining the IT strategy versus other enterprises.

Old Way

Cost Optimization

IT organizations have long been focused on using technology to ensure basic “lights on” services and containing costs.

New Way

Business Value Creation

75 percent of leading enterprises are focused on Identifying ways technology can drive business value

Barriers to Digital Transformation

External Collaboration

Policy and Regulation

Access to Information

Lack of Funding

Internal Alignment

Leading Enterprises that have Embraced Digital Transformation Generated 2x Higher Impact in Strategic Areas

Four principles used by leading organizations

CEO and Board Buy-In

Leading enterprises have 30 percent higher CEO involvement in outlining the IT strategy versus other enterprises.

Digital Transformation Fund

Leading enterprises are 30 percent more likely to have established separate funds for innovation and digital transformation initiatives.

Empowered Market-Facing Units

Leading enterprises take a more federated model and empower market-facing units to fund and execute digital objectives.

Third-Party Relationships

Leading enterprises are three times more willing to tap into external innovation ecosystems.

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Video Insights

We interviewed industry executives and thought leaders to get their perspective on key topics in digital transformation: Digital Growth, Digital Efficiency and Digital Enablement.

Relevant Reads

May 2019

emids Founder and CEO Honored as Top Health Care Leader


emids Founder and CEO, Saurabh Sinha, was among those honored in the Top Leader Category as one of the Nashville Business Journal’s (NBJ) 2019 class of Health Care Awards winners.

February 2019

emids Appoints R&D Veteran Kumar Kolin as Healthcare Technology Solutions President


Kolin brings over 25 years of extensive industry experience developing and leading high-performance technology teams. Prior to joining emids, Kolin held positions at Deloitte, Siebel and PwC. While at Deloitte, he served as Managing Director for India Operations and led the team to grow to 8,000+. After being admitted to Deloitte as a Partner in 2006, he moved to the U.S. in 2008 assuming the leadership role as Deloitte’s Partner and Deputy CIO.

February 2019

A.I. Shows Promise Assisting Physicians

The New York Times

Doctors competed against A.I. computers to recognize illnesses on magnetic resonance images of a human brain during a competition in Beijing last year. The human doctors lost.

January 2019

Starting digital transformation? Focus on the cultural changes

Healthcare IT News

How two of today’s biggest health IT trends are driving cultural changes: Big Data and new care delivery models.

November 2018

Why Doctors Hate Their Computers

The New Yorker

Digitization promises to make medical care easier and more efficient. But are screens coming between doctors and patients?

October 2018

Amazon's health-care ambitions shouldn't be underestimated


Gary Gottlieb is in a prime spot to see how technology companies are shaking up health care. A trained psychiatrist who previously ran Partners Healthcare in Boston, one of the largest hospitals in the country, Gottlieb is currently CEO of Partners in Health, which focuses on taking care of poor people around the world. He's also an executive partner at venture firm Flare Capital Partners, working in an advisory role.

October 2018

23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki says ‘one of our biggest competitors’ is fake science on sites like Goop


Unlike many Silicon Valley CEOs, 23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki is constantly reminding her employees of an uncomfortable truth: “We mess with people’s lives.” “You tell someone that they’re a carrier for BRCA, or you tell someone, ‘You’re a high risk for blood clots.’ Or you tell someone that you’re one-64th Native American,” Wojcicki said on the latest episode of Recode Decode. “And it has real consequences on their life. And so we’re messing with people’s identity. And it’s really important that we take that seriously.”

October 2018

Walmart is changing how we pay for healthcare: 5 things to know

Becker's Hospital Review

With nearly 1.5 million employees across 4,700 stores, Bentonville, Ark.-based Walmart is the nation's largest private employer. And with nearly 1 million of those employees self-insured, it's also a heavy influencer on the U.S. healthcare market, according to a MarketWatch analysis.

August 2018

Tools That Promote Payer-Provider Collaboration

Managed Healthcare Executive

Systematic collaboration between payers and providers is the key to providing better care at lower cost in the United States. Looking back at the past decade, once-emerging technologies such as electronic health record systems (EHRs), computerized physician order entry (CPOE), and auto-authorization and adjudication showed promise.

July 2018

Why the hospital of the Future will be your own home

Ted Talk

Nobody likes going to the hospital, whether it's because of the logistical challenges of getting there, the astronomical costs of procedures or the alarming risks of complications like antibiotic-resistant bacteria. But what if we could get the lifesaving care provided by hospitals in our own homes?

April 2018

5 User Experience Trends Driving Digital Transformation


It’s no secret healthcare has improved with technology. I can schedule an appointment with my doctor, view my medical record, and fill a prescription all from an app on my phone. Robotics has changed the way surgery is completed. Human organs are being printed using 3D printers. However, with all these amazing steps towards healthcare of the future, we are missing one important factor: digital user experience.

March 2019

CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Proposed Requirements


In early February, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released two health IT relevant proposed rules. These rules reflect a distinct pivot and change for the healthcare industry as the government moves to implement interoperability among health plans, payers, clinicians, hospitals and post-acute care providers.

March 2019

Digital Transformation: Moving Past ‘Just Keeping the Lights On’

Tim McMullen

I recently attended the HIMSS19 Global Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, where I came away with an even stronger realization that digital transformation is a work in progress for many healthcare organizations, and particularly so in the provider marketplace.

March 2019

Future Growth and the Development of Centers of Excellence

Gurpreet Vohra

Excellence is defined as ‘the quality of being outstanding.’ So, when discussing the broad topic of centers of excellence established within an organization, the bar has already been set quite high. A center of excellence (COE) is a corporate group or team that leads the organization as a whole in a particular area of focus such as a technology, skill or discipline. COE teams work on one mission, one vision, one strategy and one goal.

February 2019

The Role of BI & Analytics in Digital Transformation

Nilesh Patil

Healthcare has long lagged other industries in transforming business models through technology (for all kinds of reasons), yet we know from our own research that healthcare organizations that embrace digital transformation are three times more likely to achieve improvements in their operational metrics.

February 2019

A Purposeful Approach to Growth

Gaurav Agarwal

I believe it goes without saying that growth is the ultimate goal of every organization. Regardless of the path a company takes, establishing the best course for success involves considerable strategic planning and a solid understanding of how and why a specific business not only achieves success, but maintains it.

January 2019

Blockchain: The Emerging and Disruptive Technology in Healthcare


Today’s technologies are emerging at a very rapid pace. Not every technology has the potential to alter the business landscape, but some have the potential to disrupt the current status of things. Blockchain is one of them.

December 2018

Building Bridges and Unlocking Value

Mike Hollis

A new year will undoubtedly bring new and exciting trends to our continuously evolving healthcare industry. And as I reflect on 2018 and look forward to the coming year, I believe we can all agree that digital transformation was, and will continue to be, at the forefront of trending healthcare topics.

November 2018

Healthcare Transformation and the Fourth Turning

Saurabh Sinha

One of my top takeaways from the amazingly in-depth conversations that were had at our recent emids Healthcare Summit is that something very important… something subtle yet monumental… has changed in healthcare.

November 2018

Digital Projects v. Digital Transformation: Three Essentials for IT-Driven Business Outcomes

Tim McMullen

It’s no longer enough to just keep IT systems operating and available every day or to keep digital innovation projects on track and on budget. CIOs need to be able to deliver against an IT strategy that drives measurable business outcomes.

November 2018

Enabling a Breakthrough Customer Experience


In today’s experience economy, consumers expect to be delighted. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, seventy-eight percent of the more tech-savvy consumers say the healthcare digital customer experience needs improvement, and 50 percent said they would leave their current physician for a better digital customer experience.

November 2018

The Future of Work: Robotic Process Automation


We live in a world where computer time is eclipsing face-time. Where technology, tools and regulations that were supposed to make us more efficient at times seem to bog us down. Where the use of our “human” brain isn’t always saved for the more complex or personal tasks required of us.

September 2018

The Three Levers for Winning in Digital Transformation: Are You Ready?

Praveen Soti

A confluence of disruptive forces is signaling a tectonic shift in the healthcare landscape– liquidity of data, expectations of a digital, tech-enabled consumer-grade experience, shift to risk-bearing models, ever-increasing cost pressures, and regulatory uncertainty.

August 2018

Building a Digital Enterprise: Your Customer is Ahead of You…

Saurabh Sinha

For all industries – including healthcare, building the Digital Enterprise (Industry 4.0) is by far the most important strategic imperative since the advent of the Internet. Neither Y2K nor ICD-10 comes close in comparison and here’s why; Digital directly impacts an enterprise’s value chain, both vertically and horizontally.


2019 Healthcare Trends Forecast: The Beginning of a Consumer-Driven Reformation

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

The well-known proverb “may you live in interesting times” is considered by many to be a blessing, yet others believe it is actually an ancient curse. People’s interpretation tends to correspond with their own appetite for change, as well as their comfort (or lack of) in the face of ambiguity. Regardless of the adage’s origin and intent, many would agree that these are interesting times for healthcare.


The Importance of Data Governance in Value-based Care

Randy Thomas, FHIMSS and Barbara Doyle, MSN, RN

With the new MACRA quality payment program, the shift to value-based care delivery
and reimbursement models continues.

10% of CIOs are Transformation Ready…Are you?

Everest Group

Is your IT organization ready to digitally transform your enterprise? According to our research, there’s a 10 percent likelihood that you and your IT organization are ready to reinvent your enterprise through digital technology that dramatically alters your customers’ experience and drives true business transformation.