The Challenge

Today’s healthcare industry is rapidly evolving, particularly for health plans and enrollees. The small group market has seen a consistent drop in enrollment year-on-year. The percentage of private sector employees at small firms who enroll in health insurance through their employer has significantly decreased, and average premiums and medical claim costs are increasing every year. On top of this, payers are facing increasing competition, dropping profits and unidentified overhead.

This changing landscape has brought about issues with data management and the inability to gain the full potential of data insights. Issues include:

  • Cost constraints affecting data initiatives
  • Lack of data management
  • Shortage of skills
  • Increased resource constraints
  • Long gestation period

These challenges result in the need for a scalable and flexible platform with pre-built functionality, reductions in the total cost of ownership (TCO), a data quality infrastructure that ensures trusted, correct and consistent data and improved data governance. Skills are also needed to source the talent for modernized data management, realize the correct data insights, secure the proper information to make informed decisions and apply the time required for KPI reporting and collation.

emids Capabilities

The emids Advanced Data Management Platform (ADMP) offers a solution to these ever-present data management issues, especially for small-to-medium businesses.

ADMP provides a comprehensive, customizable solution to meet your business challenges and needs head-on, including:

  • Outside-the-box data lake solution with open-source tech stack
  • Cloud-based big data solution
  • Data integration and master data management
  • Inbuilt governance with predefined DQ rules
  • Pre-calculated measures and KPIs
  • Ingestion framework (Real Time, Batch, HL7, FHIR)

emids Experience

ADMP provides data management middleware for healthcare payers with advanced open-source technologies that co-exist with current investments from clients. By utilizing ADMP, your company will experience realized benefits including:

  • Effectiveness – Engagement effectiveness (health target level)
  • Health impact – Engagement effectiveness (member level)
  • Productivity – Active engagement rate
  • Timeliness – Initial outreach timeliness
  • Financial – ROI on care management, MLR on varied levels from organization, to account to select population
  • Waste – Administrative reject rate

Additional information on ADMP can be found here.

June 22, 2020

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