CoreANALYTICS™: The engine to drive value-based performance improvement

CoreANALYTICS is focused on quality and performance measures, specifically targeted at quality and performance data from source systems.  A unique element is the Analytics Engine where the measures calculations occur and are dynamically updated when there are new requirements and calculations.  

It is supported by the measures knowledge base, CoreGPS® and CoreVALUESET™ (the business specifications and rules) that informs the Analytics Measures specifications in CoreAUTHOR™ (the analytics code and calculations) and automatically updates the Analytics Engine, external of the data warehouse.  This eliminates the need for custom coding for every new measure and calculation creating a ‘smart, skinny’ and lower cost analytics solution.  The interactive dashboard, CoreIQ, is designed to provide intelligent query capabilities for healthcare organizations, including hospitals and physician Practices, to meet the demands of quality care delivery in a value-based world.

CoreGPS® Data Tool

To help our clients prepare for eMeasures, we have developed the CoreGPS® Data Tool. We use the CoreGPS® Data Tool to guide your EHR implementation, system selection, and/or remediation of an existing EHR to capture the necessary data. This tool also accelerates mapping from the EHR source to target systems to reuse and repurpose the data for reporting and analysis as well as for sharing and exchanging data. Having all the attributes about the data in the EHR source system can reduce the data analysis and mapping time by 50% or more.

The tool includes:

  • An assessment tool that compares certified EHR system functionality, build, content, process and workflows against each defined meaningful-use requirement. This tool includes assessment templates for each measure and is used to develop meaningful use-readiness and risk-mitigation plans for either new implementations or the optimization of an existing implementation.
  • A data-element tracking tool that maps each National Quality Forum (NQF) –Endorsed clinical quality measure in accordance with the Quality Data Model (QDM) electronic specifications as defined in the final rules to support the future report design and submissions. This tool is used to trace the specific data elements to the precise clinical quality and core/menu set measures to track the system design and build through final report submission.
  • A library of workflow, process, and data-related decision questions to consider in designing and building the EHR. Decisions are captured in the assessment tool and are used by design teams.
  • The tool includes knowledge from over 3,000 pages of government rules and industry specifications and is constantly being updated as the industry changes.

The tool contains:

  • 340+ measures from Meaningful Use and Hospital IQR programs
  • 290+ individual data elements
  • 8200+ data element mappings
  • 1260+ value sets consisting of over 56,800 individual codes

Transparency & Disclosures:

Licensing of CoreANALYTICS™ is based on an annual fee which gives customers access to the measure calculation platform as well as all of the certified measures in the Core Suite library.   The annual licensing fee is detailed in the product’s licensing and support agreement.  There are no additional fees or dependent products required for an organization to use CoreANALYTICS™ and its certified capabilities.

October 12, 2021

A Look at the Finalized 2022 IQR and PI Programs

CMS dropped the 2022 IPPS Final Rule and made changes to the 2022 IQR and PI program requirements. Here’s what you need to know.