Meeting the Needs of Today’s Healthcare Consumer

Oct 5th, 2016

Healthcare in the United States is changing rapidly, and many factors are putting a strain on the industry—the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care; a shortage of doctors, nurses and health IT professionals; aging Baby Boomers who will need more and more care; the advent of healthcare technology and wearables; and an increasingly consumer-oriented patient […]


PCAST Report Pushes for Technology, Policies for Baby Boomers

Apr 8th, 2016

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) released a report in March with several recommendations for the federal government concerning telehealth and electronic health record (EHR) policies, among other items, geared toward enabling aging Americans to live more independent lives. Co-Chairs of PCAST, John P. Holdren and Eric S. Lander, noted in […]


Journey to eMeasures

Feb 27th, 2016

Explore the requirements for an eMeasures program to support regulatory reporting requirements such as MU and MACRA.


HIMSS16 in Las Vegas, NV

Feb 13th, 2016

emids will be at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 29th through March 4th! To help you get the most out of your HIMSS16 experience, emids is providing the perfect spot to rest and recharge—yourself and your devices. Our seating will be powered and we’ll have multiple device charges available in the booth so you can […]


Understanding Barriers to Telehealth Adoption

Jan 15th, 2016

While telemedicine solutions have been around for decades, this newer version of mobile and consumer telehealth that spans the spectrum of healthcare delivery is still an enigma. Several factors pose as potential barriers to physicians adopting this technology. Reimbursement The first hurdle is cost. Even though the technology for delivering and receiving telehealth consultations is […]


CMA 15: Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Nov 9th, 2015

We’re Glad You Joined Us! Thank you for helping us make the 2015 Healthcare Summit and CMA Celebration a success! With over 150 healthcare industry executives attending and 60 companies represented, the mindshare and discussion that took place at the year’s event is certain to have an impact on shaping the future of healthcare!


How Payers are Engaging Consumers with Mobile Content

Oct 2nd, 2015

The vast, confusing marketplace of health plan options and a tendency to rely on complex medical terminology and acronyms can create a disconnect with healthcare consumers. Clear, educational content about health plan choices and benefits, along with transparency, will inspire confidence and trust with members. Consumers also respond well to information that goes beyond insurance-based […]


The Role of Mobile in the Payer Market

Sep 30th, 2015

As mobile apps increasingly disrupt the healthcare industry, payers have an incredible opportunity to increase member satisfaction and drive transactions with consumers by investing in mobile communications. The JD Powers 2015 Member Health Plan Study found that overall member satisfaction is 108 points higher among those who contacted their plans via mobile apps at least […]



Jun 26th, 2015

From Saurabh Sinha, Founder & CEO,  I was fortunate to be invited to the AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans)/ Nashville Health Care Council Health Care 2015 CEO Forum at AHIP’s Institute 2015 on June 3 and was privileged to anchor an executive round table on ‘Digital Disruptions: Shaping the Future of Health’. The round table followed a […]


CMA 14: Preparing to meet healthcare consumerism

Nov 7th, 2014

From Saurabh Sinha. Founder and CEO. A few years ago, the landscape of American healthcare began changing like never before. Largely driven by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, members of the healthcare ecosystem – hospitals, health systems, payers and others – have had to radically shift their strategies in the face of new […]

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