The Challenge

With the vast improvements and technological advances in healthcare, people are living longer than ever before and this is expected to keep increasing. Predictions (U.S. Census Bureau) estimate that by 2050, the global aging population will double compared to that in 2000. The 65-year and older population in America is projected to double in the next 30 years – from 48 million to 88 million. While  this will most likely result in the increase of healthcare costs, contributions to healthcare will drastically decrease. For these reasons, it is imperative that healthcare organizations prepare to meet this significant challenge.

To help address these issues, healthcare organizations are ramping up their digital transformation efforts to achieve enhanced patient centricity in hospitals, while also improving workforce conditions including remote health monitoring by leveraging cloud computing and IOT. While these digital transformation initiatives are expected to help organizations improve quality of patient care and reduce spending, they are facing numerous challenges throughout the implementation phase, including:

  • Achieving customer centricity
  • Improving patient engagement
  • Maintaining analytical capability
  • Ensuring security and protection

emids Solution

emids Digital Quality Assurance helps healthcare organizations achieve scalable and accelerated digital transformations through a 360-degree digital assurance strategy.

Functional Validation and Lifecycle Automation.

emids has adopted a lifecycle automation approach with continuous testing. Our ONE automation framework integrates well with the DevOps delivery pipeline and works seamlessly with most open-source and commercial tools to maintain continuous testing.

User Experience Testing.

emids has adopted numerous strategies to test end-user experience, including simplicity in accessing information, user actions and ease of use. emids conducts this testing in UX labs and has also adopted a crowd-testing option to obtain user experience feedback.

Content Testing.

emids context-driven testing approach helps ensure improved engagement with users by providing a better understanding of the context in which the user is engaged with the applications.

Cloud/On-Premise Device Lab.

emids digital test strategy ensures maximum coverage of devices and wearables through its device cloud automation. In addition, for certain highly-sensitive applications, we have a private onsite device lab to provide test coverage without compromising the customer’s data security needs.

Data Quality Testing.

emids utilizes a data quality framework for big data transformations including integrity checks, duplicity, accuracy, consistency and data conformance. This is achieved through various data profiling techniques, validation of data quality rules, monitoring of various KPIs and implementation validations.

Performance and Security.

emids healthcare expertise in performance requirement elicitation and workload modeling emulates real-life scenarios. Performance and Security Testing in Continuous testing fashion are incorporated early in the development process to help ensure optimal testing.