Our Expertise, Your Advantage

We focus exclusively on healthcare IT and provide superior value to customers through our thought leadership in healthcare and our technology expertise. Distilling years of experience in working with healthcare leaders, we’ve developed a proven approach to bringing you results. Its cornerstones include:


From intensive employee training to governed delivery model, all our processes are designed to provide the best product every time. We constantly strengthen our domain expertise, and apply it to each of our engagements. Through the right investments in people, processes, and systems, we ensure that each project is executed with excellence.


We leverage our existing frameworks, healthcare compliance knowledge, accelerators, and tools, at the beginning of an engagement. So, we don’t just get the project off to a quick start. We keep costs low too.


We have worked with more than 100 healthcare organizations. This experience lets us hit the ground running when we begin your project. Since our only business is the healthcare business, we bring the efficiency and the competence necessary to deliver results. Quickly. Completely.

Our focus on excellence and value-rich outcomes makes us the partner of choice for reputed healthcare enterprises.


We have helped six Fortune 500 healthcare firms use technology to an advantage and can do the same for you.
To know more, write to info@emids.com or call (615) 332-7701.