For burgeoning healthcare technology companies, staying competitive as the demand for products and services grows can be one of the biggest challenges. This was the case for a fast-growing developer of integrated digital consumer engagement platforms for providers, employers and payers. Today, the company is the healthcare industry’s leading provider of consumer engagement software, but just a few years ago, they were struggling to deliver their products on time and without defects.

Attempts to expedite development and time to market for their product suite through adoption of Agile methodologies fell short, and quality was suffering as a result. This kept the firm from moving forward and taking advantage of opportunities to continue their rapid growth and establish themselves as market leaders.

That’s when they turned to emids. The company initially came to us for help implementing Agile methodologies to align their product development process to market needs and improve the quality of their releases, but the engagement soon evolved into much more. We set up a virtual captive center for the firm in our delivery center in Bangalore, India, to help them ramp up production and scale projects more efficiently.

The setup allowed the company to allocate existing development to emids’ offshore team, starting with a small development project and expanding over time to include development, testing and integration of applications across the product suite. Along with a virtual captive team of up to 160 dedicated to supporting the firm from product inception to rollout, we also provided:

  • Expertise in regulatory and mandatory quality requirements and evolving data standards
  • Consulting in product engineering, business intelligence, data management, quality assurance, automation, performance labs, product support and mobility

Strong communication between onshore and offshore teams made this relationship a success, providing the firm with a global partner that has helped them achieve their strategic vision of delivering innovative technologies that engage and influence consumers. Our involvement has helped the company improve the quality and time to market of software releases, adapt to market needs and reduce costs. Best of all, the partnership has freed the client up to focus less on the nitty-gritty of cranking out products and concentrate more on building smart business strategies, strong product management and a loyal, growing customer base.

Read more about how our virtual captive partnership with this leading provider of consumer engagement software has helped the firm maintain a competitive edge and grow its reputation as a leader in the healthcare technology market.

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