Product Engineering

Do you have the applications and infrastructure in place to actually use technology to increase the efficiency of your practice and the quality of patient care? Today’s healthcare industry requires the use of electronic medical records (EMRs), electronic health records (EHRs), Claims Systems and Healthcare Information Exchanges (HIEs). If not, you are not alone. Many companies in the healthcare industry are finding themselves without the IT capabilities needed to effectively use these new platforms. emids can help. As an experienced Healthcare IT company and leader in the healthcare IT outsourcing industry, we work with healthcare providers across the country to help build, integrate and deploy healthcare applications, including:

  • Claims adjudication engines
  • EDI gateways
  • HIE, EHR and RCM data warehouse systems

With our experience working with over 100 healthcare organizations, we can deliver innovative business and technology solutions and services that enable quicker, high-quality solutions for your product engineering needs. From consulting on the right combination of systems to end-user training, our experience and specialized expertise can help you gain access to engineering talent and accelerate development cycles. By partnering with emids on your healthcare IT outsourcing needs, you can gain competitive advantage and ensure success in the marketplace.

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