Innovative organizations know it takes more than just good ideas to create game-changing results. The global leader of clinical coding software realized this when attempting to tackle two complex enterprise projects at the same time. That’s why they turned to emids for help bringing their technology ideas to life.

One project involved building an internal natural language processing (NLP) tool to improve the automated capture of clinical data needed to optimize coding for billing and diagnosis purposes. Another involved using data from the client’s customer base to create a population health management platform that analyzed information on patient populations and financial performance to produce insights to help providers improve care and reduce costs.

Lacking the bandwidth to meet the development challenges of these projects in-house, the client looked to emids to develop frameworks for these new technologies. Our deep healthcare IT knowledge and Agile training enabled us to provide rapid development resources to get the projects off the ground. Our experience deploying technologies in cloud-based environments also provided the client with expertise they lacked internally.

Our team of healthcare experience technologists jumped into both projects quickly. Initially, we provided development support for the population health platform, with two teams working on user experience-based elements of the new product. But we soon began proactively helping the client’s internal teams with back-end integration to keep the project moving on schedule.

The client was using a third-party vendor to provide data analytics and algorithms for the product, but needed help figuring out how to securely exchange data with the vendor through the cloud. We worked collaboratively with the client and vendor to resolve how the integration and encryption should occur, establishing a 1,800-plus server farm on Amazon Web Services to enable the smooth and secure exchange of data.

While both of these projects are ongoing, we have continued to deliver new functionality for these technologies, overseeing production releases every two weeks. Our work on the population health platform helped the client meet its initial vision and needs for the product. Our work on the NLP tool has allowed the client to explore the impact of different clinical scenarios for coding more quickly than ever.

Benefits we have provided to the client throughout these engagements include:  

  • Highly skilled and proactive teams capable of adding value immediately and at scale
  • Willingness to go beyond the project scope when necessary
  • Outside perspectives to evaluate the right architecture for projects
  • Consistently updated prototypes

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