EHR Platform Transformation

Are you concerned about your healthcare data migration as you move from one Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) platform to another? Because of the unique technical and clinical challenges, this is not simply “another IT project.” If you do not successfully transform EHR platforms, your practice can face significant clinic, financial and Meaningful Use risks. You need a team that has specific experience in not only healthcare information exchange and EHR implementations, but also the experience and expertise to successfully lead EHR platform transformation. Given our deep expertise in clinical operations and Meaningful Use, we focus on the business objectives and success goals associated with moving one EHR to another. Our technical expertise in healthcare data migration and testing help us provide seamless transition for healthcare information exchange. We use a proven methodology of risk analysis, due diligence, education and project management dovetail to assure platform transformation success. We have experience in EHR platform transformation and healthcare data migration, and we understand the unique challenges this initiative brings. emids partners with your organization to support your clinical and technical needs throughout all phases of transformation.

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