EHR Optimization

In today’s clinical ecosystems, every organization uses Electronic Health Records (EHR) as its cornerstone for clinical documentation. Every provider, every nurse, every procedure and encounter touches the EHR as part of health information exchange. The challenge for providers now is how to optimize the EHR to improve business, market share and patient satisfaction.

Our clinical consultants are experts in understanding how to optimize clinical workflows through improved clinical documentation and healthcare data migration. emids takes EHR optimization from a holistic approach including workflow due diligence, workflow analysis and retooling, and working alongside your clinical teams to implement, train and rollout an optimized EHR. Most importantly, emids gets results for our clients.

For a recent client, we reduced the number of “clicks” in clinical documentation by over 2500, which allowed the provider significantly more time for patient care. We also used this strategy to optimize health information exchange for many other large healthcare systems.

emids applies holistic, operationally sound approaches to your business and clinical needs. We are clinicians supporting your needs for an efficient EHR system.

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