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Is cloud computing in healthcare and mobile healthcare software part of your organization’s current strategy? If not, you are not alone. While in most of the industry segments, technology innovation adaptability is rapid, the healthcare industry still lags behind in adopting cloud and mobile technology due to stringent regulatory compliance, security of information and legacy systems. As the healthcare industry has mandates to reform, it is time for healthcare IT to be modernized. Cloud computing in healthcare and mobile healthcare software are crucial for this transformation.

The healthcare industry is shifting toward an information-centric care delivery model, enabled in part by open standards that support cooperation, collaborative workflows and information sharing. Cloud computing in healthcare provides an infrastructure that allows providers, payers and research facilities to tap improved computing resources with a lower initial investment. Additionally, cloud environments reduce the barriers for innovation and modernization of healthcare IT systems and applications. After you decide to move to healthcare in the cloud and mobile healthcare software, you must make crucial decisions about your strategy. You must choose which category of cloud to use – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) – as well as decide on private, public or hybrid deployment models.

With multiple options of cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM, it is essential for a provider to have a platform that meets their requirements and complies with HIPPA and HITRUST. Because of government and regulatory compliance requirements combined with data and information security issues, setting up a cloud environment specific to the healthcare industry is not the same as creating a system for a business or government organization. You need a company with experience in the healthcare field.

emids combines our understanding of the healthcare domain with our technology expertise to design and deploy your cloud environment.


emids provides the following cloud and mobility services:

  • Cloud strategy assessment and consulting – application readiness and roadmap to cloud migration
  • Cloud application development and testing – security testing, performance and load testing
  • Cloud application and Infra support
  • Cloud governance and migration

With our experience working with over 100 healthcare organizations, we can quickly work with you to design and deploy an affordable cloud environment to keep up with increasing IT demands on your business while meeting compliance requirements. From evaluating your needs to delivering the best solution to help you serve your customers, our experience and specialized expertise help you stay ahead of your competitors and deliver high quality results to your clients. By partnering with emids on your cloud computing and mobile needs, you can gain competitive advantage and ensure success in the marketplace.

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