Clinical Workflow Analysis

Is your healthcare organization currently using best healthcare IT solutions and an optimized workflow? By having time-motion analysis in industrial engineering you can increase efficiency and cost savings. When you understand and apply the labor and efficiency impact in today’s Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) environment, you can see significant ROI throughout all aspects of your organization. Our provider practice has a unique combination of clinical experts and engineers to provide healthcare process outsourcing. We use this skillset during workflow analysis to understand and find waste and gaps. The next step is to break down workflow into manageable segments to show where improvements can be made in specific clinical scenarios, such as patient admission, patient discharge and patient transfer. The bottom line is while healthcare process outsourcing ROI factors vary, you can see improvements in patient satisfaction, patient throughput, provider satisfaction, and nursing satisfaction by optimizing clinical workflows. Our clients benefit from our significant industry experience and our EHR clinical documentation experience. We can help you optimize your work flow to improve your bottom line.

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