Clinical Analytics Consulting

Big Data is a predominant driver in the future of healthcare. Creating usable healthcare metrics from your data requires forethought, analysis, planning, and effective business and clinical execution. By partnering with emids, your practice receives an effective road mapping governance, and decision framework. We provide you with the healthcare analytics technology, processes, and resources required over a multi-year period to support your measurement and analytics needs. emids has an unmatchable combination of clinical and data experts in the provider and payer business lines along with the tools to deliver analytics solution excellence. Our experts bridge the gap between clinical systems, data knowledge, and data constructs to create the healthcare metrics you need in your source systems to transform your information into healthcare business intelligence solutions. The result from our healthcare process outsource services is improved processes, lower costs, better quality care, improved patient management and higher patient satisfaction. emids partners with your organization to determine what specific healthcare process outsourcing or healthcare business intelligence solutions services your organization needs to reach the next level in care. We can help you accelerate your program even further through industry research, Extract Transform Load (ETL) tools, data dictionaries, application implementation, application design and integration and data dashboard development. From initial conception of your analytics needs to the transformation of your organization through healthcare metrics, emids is with you every step of your journey. Our Healthcare Analytics Services Includes:

  • Health analytics road mapping
  • Business and clinical case analysis
  • Research
  • Data governance design/Implementation
  • Analytics application development
  • Source data mapping development
  • Data capture optimization
  • Analytics application implementation

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