Business Process Outsourcing

Like most providers you are probably challenged by the rising costs of healthcare, increased adoption of technology and prevalence of quality and performance based reimbursement models. These changes have also caused the dynamics of the physician-hospital-patient to shift as well. It can be hard to keep with the fast moving industry while also providing top-notch care for each and every one of your patients. By leveraging healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), you can redefine your operating model and maximize value from your business processes. Many payers are increasingly using BPO to control costs, improve administrative efficiencies and optimize Medical Loss Ratio (MLR). With our singular focus and extensive healthcare industry experience, emids understands the impact that healthcare reform has on your business. We use our experience to provide proper assessment and planning so that you can maximize productivity. emids can help you with healthcare business process outsourcing by:

  • Identifying gaps in business processes, resulting in returns to your business partners including annual cost savings, streamlined and updated processes, greater accuracy, and faster turnaround for customer service
  • Providing flexible, on-demand access to specialized resources
  • Advancing payers and providers in the key areas of cost and quality, implementation, security and compliance, infrastructure and application management and support models

emids Provider Services Portfolio emids Provider Services Portfolio offers a broad range of healthcare business outsourcing services to help improve efficiency and effectiveness as well as the bottom line for our customers. Leading healthcare systems have long used business process outsourcing (BPO) as a way to improve processes, speed-up transactions and reduce costs. emids understands the challenges of a volatile healthcare landscape and growing client expectations. These require an innovative response from providers that can reduce inefficiencies and increase business output. Our business services include:

  • Hospital information systems integration and implementation
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) system adoption
  • Practice management systems
  • Health information exchange integration
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
    • Patient scheduling and eligibility verification
    • Medical coding and coding audits
    • Charge and demographic entry
    • Payment posting and denial analysis
    • Payer A/R follow up and recovery
  • Meaningful use compliance
  • ICD10 remediation

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