Even experienced healthcare technology companies find that an outsource partner can extend the value they can bring to customers and help them realize more market opportunities.

One company, a leading provider of the healthcare industry’s most comprehensive suite of customer experience platforms, was experiencing growing pains as they attempted to meet the rising demand for their products.

The digital solutions are used by providers, payers and employers to positively influence consumer decision-making and health behaviors beyond the care setting and in a way that’s transformative to financial and quality of care outcomes.

The company’s in-house development team tried to employ Agile methodologies to accomplish the rollout of new software releases, but it wasn’t working. Quality was suffering, and defects were slipping through.

In 2013, amid the high demand and difficulty with internal rollouts, the company turned to emids for help implementing Agile methods. The company chose a virtual captive center as the most appropriate model for meeting their needs. We set up a virtual captive outpost for the company at our delivery center in Bangalore, India, to help them ramp up production and scale software projects accordingly.

The virtual captive solution allowed the company to shift existing onshore development projects to the offshore team, while retaining intellectual property and ownership rights to the technology that was midstream in development.

The partnership was launched with a small project to acclimate the client to the relationship and meet the most immediate development needs. The relationship grew as the offshore team worked hand in hand with the onshore team. The engagement expanded to the development, testing and integration of applications across the product suite, with more than 160 people in the virtual captive center.

The outcome of the engagement was a global partnership that helped the company achieve their strategic vision of delivering new and improved software to providers, payers and employers, and enabling these customers to engage consumers.

The partnership allowed the company to build a product engineering model with reduced research and development cycles that resulted in estimated 30 percent cost savings on development, faster time to market for software releases, and more time for the firm to focus on business strategy and product management.

Learn more about the success of this virtual captive partnership, and how emids has helped this industry leader of consumer engagement software improve product releases, expand their customer base and secure their reputation as a leader in the healthcare technology market.


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