What should a healthcare provider do when forced to adapt their processes for delivering care to the limitations of an off-the-shelf technology platform?

One leading long-term care provider decided to develop their own suite of software applications and turned to emids to be their dedicated partner.

The company, which operates more than 200 skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, Alzheimer’s centers and retirement communities nationwide, determined that the software bundle they were using to manage clinical activities no longer aligned with their processes for caring for residents. The platform also lacked the scalability to support the volume of patients at each facility and the number of activities that needed to be processed on their behalf.

Additionally, dependency on the vendor hampered their ability to easily and quickly customize, scale and update the software. Gaps in mandate compliance also led to spiraling costs.

The company, which had very limited experience with product engineering and product life cycle management, decided the overall health of their business was better served with a custom solution.

emids quickly set up a product engineering team—using Agile product development methodologies—to help the client with end-to-end development, rollout, support and maintenance of the applications.

Complicating the job, proprietary restrictions on the previous vendor’s software made it difficult to obtain documentation from the legacy applications to apply to the new modules under development. emids used a well-grooved process of communication and collaboration to overcome that challenge.

The productive partnership between the company and emids has been a successful healthcare IT journey every step of the way. emids has delivered a suite of integrated software applications, including a resident information and tracking application, user and patient portals, an electronic medical record (EMR) that met Meaningful Use (MU) requirements, and clinical, therapy and rehab systems.

Validation of the successful partnership between emids and the provider came when the company received McKnight’s Excellence in Technology gold award for care transitions technology. The award noted the interoperability features in the provider’s EMR system and its ability to successfully import clinical and care information from outside the network into patient health records.

Learn more about the success of this nearly decade-long partnership and how emids has helped this leading provider advance the company’s mission through our healthcare IT expertise and product engineering experience.

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