Healthcare Business Intelligence Case Studies

By March 24, 2016Blog

emids clients have realized success with business intelligence improvements. Here are two recent examples.

Large Population Health Management Platform Company

A population health management customer had a healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) system that applied the advanced science of predictive analytics to big data to accurately determine which patients and prospects were most likely to develop a specific medical condition or use a medical service. With this information, hospital marketers were empowered to focus on patients that were likely to need care, cost-effectively grow service line revenue and proactively manage population health.

The data update process included provisioning data of various types such as patient demographic data, contact information, contact center information and others.

Business Challenge

The data loading process was cumbersome and took the hospital an average of 5.6 days per data source. Data update cycle took 8–9 days for the top three customers in terms of data volume, and new data source onboarding took 90 calendar days.

Solution and Impact


Midsize State Health Plan

A midsize state health plan with 200K members was facing challenges in data management and BI. The operational spending was difficult to justify considering customer dissatisfaction and inefficiencies in platform. Customer had made a multimillion-dollar investment on infrastructure, tool technology and resources, but the outcome was continuously dipping.

Business Challenge

The reactive approach to business reporting needs and an absence of data governance posed a challenge. There was a marked absence of self-service reporting ability for business users that led to low internal customer satisfaction. The data warehousing architecture was complex and not designed to scale.

Solution and Impact

During assessment, emids defined the governance policy to eliminate data quality, ownership, and security and privacy challenges. emids provided foundational projects to eliminate waste in the current BI platform and operations. This included a transformation project designed to develop a new BI platform using existing technology stack, and value-realization projects designed to develop analytics and dashboards for executives and operation heads.

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