The barriers to physicians having a longitudinal view of their patient’s medical history on one screen challenged a leading provider of healthcare consumer experience platforms to develop a clinical portal that delivered the goods. That company turned to emids to solve the considerable interoperability challenges that stood in the way of success.

The firm, which has more than 1,100 provider organizations as clients, develops integrated software products including comprehensive care management technology. In this instance, the company required help with a web-based clinical portal used by physicians.

Physicians needed to be able to access vital patient information — allergies, medications, past hospitalizations, etc.—from more than 30 HIS systems, including disparate EHRs, laboratory systems and other backend systems, outside the portal.

The challenges complicating the task were complex. Multiple integration points and vendors caused patient records to be marred by missing data, duplicate records, gaps in treatment plans, and inaccuracies. All of these problems had the potential to put patients at greater risk.

The company came to emids to access their knowledge in:

  • Clinical systems and application architecture
  • Data quality and governance
  • Master data management
  • Interface architecture, including standards-based frameworks such as HL7 and FHIR
  • Semantic interoperability

emids conducted an in-depth analysis of the two primary EHR systems used to understand better how to extract data successfully. We built custom connectivity adapters for each HIS system, which included lab, pharmacy, radiology, transcription, imaging and admissions systems. Adapters were both batch and real-time, as well as bi-directional, sending out data as JSON and XML.

The solution developed for the client enabled the secure, meaningful exchange of clinical and patient data, minimizing inconsistencies and errors. The approach allowed up to 100,000 records to be processed without any issues, and a peak throughput of 9,000 records processed in a minute.

Learn more about on how we helped this company provide customers with a powerful tool for delivering effective, timely care in our case study.

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