When the global leader of clinical coding software decided to build a new population health management platform from scratch, they turned to emids for help. The engagement met with rave reviews for how the prototype we produced matched their vision and initial needs for the product.

The concept for the platform evolved from an idea the client had to use terabytes of data across their large customer base to enable providers to analyze information on patient populations and financial performance to improve care and reduce costs.

The client faced two major barriers to getting this product off the ground:

  1. Their IT teams were tied up with maintaining and enhancing their existing product portfolio. They lacked the development bandwidth to pursue the product idea.
  2. They lacked experience deploying technologies in a cloud-based environment.

The project was complex. The product needed to be housed within the client’s next-generation platform. Plus, the sheer number of internal and external health information systems involved in exchanging the data posed significant integration and interoperability challenges.

In emids, the client found a partner with deep healthcare IT expertise and Agile-trained teams that could provide immediate and dedicated resources to the project. We deployed scrum teams to support the client’s internal teams and ramped up production within eight weeks.

Initially, the scope of our work centered on the user experience-based elements of the new product. But we soon began helping with the back-end integration as well. We worked closely with the client and their third-party analytics provider to ensure the smooth and secure exchange of data between systems and headed up the creation of a cloud-based 1,800-plus server farm on Amazon Web Services.

Though this project is ongoing, the initial phase has been successful. We helped the client meet their deadline for transforming this concept into a viable platform ready for the first phase of internal testing.

Our biggest successes with this engagement thus far include:

  • Helping the client flesh out the engineering direction for the product
  • Anticipating interoperability issues before they became problems and proactively collaborating with the third-party analytics provider to resolve them
  • Consistently delivering new functionality for the product and overseeing production releases every two weeks

Learn more about how our thought leadership and development bandwidth helped this top software developer transform its groundbreaking population health concept into a reality.

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