emids has for some time recognized value in connecting companies and executives with each other. The CMA and Consumerism Summit in Nashville, Tennessee last fall is one example of that. The CXO Roundtable Lunch at HIMSS17 is the most recent. Executives from 3M, OM1, Humana, Roche, Health Plan Services and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina attended the CXO Roundtable Lunch at The Bistro on Tuesday last week at HIMSS17. The theme of the discussion was “Modernizing Healthcare IT Platforms in the Consumerism Era”

3M Chief Technology Officer Dave Frazee facilitated open discussion among the participants. The primary discussion was around how the CXOs are going about migrating/ utilizing cloud technology, primarily Amazon Web Services (AWS) with a couple trying Microsoft Azure in each of their organizations. Topics ranged from experiences with AWS and Azure, to resource challenges, to DevOps best practices.

The healthcare “consumer” continues to move towards the center of healthcare IT and product strategies. Consumers are demanding ease of access, increased value and a customer-friendly experience to offset their growing out-of-pocket burden. Healthcare organizations that choose to downplay these consumer demands will suffer the consequences of declining market share and revenues. Disruptive startups that understand the new rules of the game, also pose lingering threat to the incumbents.

The new rules require the convergence of several modern technologies, including cloud computing, mobile technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), API based integrations, artificial intelligence, comprehensive integration of disparate data sources and others.

Participants appreciated the ‘learning by sharing’ experience and welcomed each other’s views on key success criteria and primary challenges in embracing these modern technologies. E.g. How to strike a balance between data confidentiality and ubiquitous access via public, private or hybrid cloud?

“The traits and demands of the new healthcare consumer are broad. A forum like the emids’ CXO roundtable, with the great curated group of executives, stimulates the flow of ideas from the numerous perspectives we have in the industry. The connections and ideas exchanged will help us do more for our companies, but more importantly, for patient care”, notes Frazee

For more, download our charter on Healthcare Consumerism. The charter is a harvested thought paper on consumerism in HIT, blending themes and narratives from the executives in the industry.

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