The Challenge

There are viable reasons why healthcare organizations have been slow adopters of cloud computing: a high compliance bar for privacy and security makes the cloud a risky proposition. Another issue is the difficulty in changing workflows for nurses, physicians and administrators when introducing new technology. Yet, healthcare IT leaders know that cloud computing brings efficiencies, open access and a rapid platform for innovation—all of which are factors critical to transforming healthcare.

emids Capabilities

emids understands healthcare goals and requirements, including the need for highly secure and compliant IT environments. Our comprehensive cloud deployment services include:

  • Cloud strategy assessment to evaluate the existing application stack and develop a roadmap for migration.
  • Design and selection of optimal cloud models, such as private or hybrid, along with cloud infrastructure vendors.
  • Cloud governance strategy, incorporating security, privacy and data quality.
  • Cloud application development and testing to ensure top-notch performance, security and reliability of critical healthcare applications.
  • Cloud application and infrastructure support, helping health IT leaders focus on business and consumer needs, not troubleshooting.

emids Experience

No cloud project is too complex for emids. In one instance, we rebuilt a healthcare IT firm’s legacy EHR and practice management system to a cloud-based system based on the latest .NET stack. The upgraded system incorporates a new interface engine for connections with external systems.

emids has delivered application consulting services to healthcare clients for nearly 20 years.
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