An Experienced IT Vendor Can Improve BI Results

By March 29, 2016Blog

Over the last 15 years, emids has gained experience and expertise in evaluating the maturity of BI solutions and developing multi-year roadmaps for BI platform consolidation, modernization and maintenance. We develop BI solutions to meet immediate, near-term and long-term business needs to provide multiple benefits including but not limited to:

  • Strategic roadmap and BI vision definition
  • Cost reduction
  • Operational stability
  • User satisfaction
  • Self-service BI to reduce IT overhead on developing new reports
  • Improved data quality
  • Optimization through innovative data management to eliminate waste


emids Assessment Framework for BI

emids’ understands BI projects are business projects, so we emphasize the importance of business needs analysis at the outset to clarify immediate, near-term and long-term goals. Then we analyze current BI solutions to meet these identified goals, identify potential gaps in technology architecture and their impact on the business if goals are not being achieved. Next, we analyze BI organization for skills, capability and capacity, and identify skill gaps.

As BI projects are different in nature, those projects need specialized project management methodologies. Data is core to BI and an organization’s decision-making processes, hence conducting data analysis for validity and availability of data is critical. Detailed data analysis needs to be carried out to examine data quality, data integration and data availability.

The emids ROI model can help you to determine the exact ROI for your BI investments.

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